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Experiential Learning

The Commerce students of Grades 11 and 12 put up a Food Fest this year. This was a project initiated by the Business Studies teacher in order to give the students a practical understanding of planning, organizing, financial management and teamwork

The students were given the mandate to generate profits from the sale of food within the school premises. The event was planned for a lunch break and all the students of the school were invited.

At the outset, the students gained permission from the concerned school authorities for the use of the Multipurpose Hall. This was followed by several brainstorming sessions for the selection of the items on the menu. Easy- to- eat finger food such as muffins, rolls and sandwiches were given preference. The food selection process was sometimes challenging as students within a group had varied preferences. However, they were able to work through their differences after much discussion and deliberation.

The event was publicized throughout the school with the help of colourful posters. The students also went to each classroom to announce the date, time and venue of the event.

On the day of the event, the entire department worked hard to set up the stalls and display the food items. Some groups decided to get the food from home whereas others outsourced the venture to restaurants/ caterers. The profit margin of the latter groups was negatively impacted but they saved on time and effort.

Some groups tried various sale strategies such as Buy One Get One free and discounted prices. 

The event was a great success because:

    • It attracted more than 500 students to the counters.
    • The food was sold out within the duration of 40 minutes.
    • The students were able to work as a team without thinking of individual glory.
    • There was a profit motive involved. Therefore, the students were able to quantify their success, which spurred them on towards bettering their performance.

Last minute sale strategies such as offering discounted profits demonstrated their presence of mind and the ability to think creatively.

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